July 22, 2017

What is paradise?  This is a question I first asked myself and my family 3 years ago.  We had an idea at that time as to what paradise meant to us, but time marches forward and circumstances evolve.  You can read my original “About” below the jump at the bottom of the page to get an idea of what our original intentions were for this website.

Personally, our search for paradise is on going.  My family still believes in the ideals of homesteading, permaculture, and restoration/regenerative agriculture.  What we don’t know is if it is the right lifestyle for us in the near-term. A combination of continual physical ailments that impede my ability to do manual labor and a serious case of wonder-lust have led us to change our focus.

Our search for paradise is now focusing on a different form of self-sufficiency, mobile income from the internet so that we may explore more of this country and the world.  In doing so, we will relay our experiences to you!

“Life is a journey, not a destination.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

This is not just a quote, but a lifestyle that we wish to abide.  As such, this site will document our travels and other travel related articles.  Our aim is to assist you, our loyal readers, in plan your own adventures.

Since I began this site in 2015, we have added a second daughter to our family.  Because our plans are to travel as a family, we may often have a family centered view of our travel articles.  If you are looking for information the best clubs and bar scenes, you will need to look elsewhere.  If you are looking for luxury destinations and resorts, we are also unlikely to be covering these in much detail we though but may in passing as we complete our due diligence on a destination.  Instead, we are likely to focus on affordable restaurants and attractions, historical land marks, state and national parks, and experiences that most anyone can enjoy, with or without children.

We hope to transition to being a family living untethered to a single location. To do so we must earn income in what many may consider unorthodox means, such as affiliate marketing.  Our Search for Paradise may also touch upon these challenges and successes, but we need to get to that point of “lift-off” first, the point where the idea of mobile living becomes a reality, before we fully takel these issues. Stay tuned!

Our Search For Paradise is ongoing.  As we all have different wants and desires, each of us has a different idea of paradise.  Some like skiing on snowy mountains, others desire fishing on serene lakes, and yet others want to lay on the beaches of tropical islands.  Whatever your idea of paradise, may we help you in your search to find paradise, be it paradise for just an afternoon, a weekend in paradise, a paradise vacation, or just- maybe, your new residence!

Let us know where you are interested in visiting and we may be able to put in the research to help you on your way!

Thank you,

Jarrod Chance


June 17, 2015

We are thirty-something parents of a kindergartener looking for our paradise, a self-sufficient farm, and homestead.   We currently live in Orrville, OH.

My name is Jarrod.  I studied horticulture/ landscape horticulture at The Ohio State University and have an MBA from Ashland University.  I’ve worked as a nurseryman, orchardists, and plant buyer.  Additionally, I have worked in the financial services industry for several years.  For the past couple of years I’ve been trying to balance my ideals and the real world to find a career that I can enjoy and be proud of.  To fully do this, I know I must start our own farm using the permaculture techniques I believe in.

My wife Carrie runs an in-home daycare and is studying to become a certified herbalist.  She has her own blog at lazyhomemaker.com

My daughter Sylvia will begin Kindergarten in the fall.  She is awesome! As of now, she wants to be a zoo veterinarian, but she has said she wants to be a “Baby doctor” (she was pre mature 12 weeks) and a farmer. We want to start this farm not only for us, but for her also… and my German shepherd dog, Bear.

We hope to someday incorporate a tiny home on wheels, earthen building techniques, and many other ecologically friendly ideals into our lifestyle.   This blog is to tell of our journey to create our own version of paradise and pass along what we learn along the way.

A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step- Lao Tsu

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  1. Phil Carrroll

    Jarrod, I am really proud of you. The first step in getting where you want to go is to admit that you are not where you are supposed to be. When I was getting ready to retire (with all the anxiety that comes with it) I read a book called “Necessary Endings” which was very helpful to me. Author is Dr. Henry Cloud. You may find a couple of nuggets in it as well. All the best to you and your family.

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