Travel -The Search. New Focus for OSFP

Travel - A new focus for OSFP

Travel – A new Focus

Our Search for Paradise, going forward, will focus more on, THE SEARCH for Paradise.  By this, I mean Travel articles I write centered around my own travels past, present, or (hopefully) future.

To me, Paradise is a place where all your troubles melt away and true enjoyment ensues, whether that be relaxing or exhilarating.  Paradise can and will be different to different people.  As is such, I will write about a variety of experiences available in each location to hopefully provide some point of interest to anyone who may be traveling to the destination.

All new travel articles will be categorized under “The Search – Travel Articles.”

The Goal

Paradise for forever is the goal, but Paradise in the moment, or for the afternoon, or for a week long vacation, can be huge, clearing our minds, resetting our mood, and enabling us to enjoy our time with our families, friends, and partners.

Do you really want to settle for your “Dream Job?”   Forget that!  I want my “Dream Life!”

Carrie read me something like this today. I wish I could attribute it, but I can’t at the moment. I am currently in career transition.  Although I’ll probably still require 9-5 work in the near term, I want to earn a living by my own hand, using my mind and creativity.  Carrie, my wife, is working hard to build traffic over at  I believe working together we can make something happen. I truly enjoy writing and hope that I can, in time, help pay the bills by writing.

May you find value in my writings, especially my revamped focus on travel.  Everyone is on their own search for paradise.  May Our Search For Paradise together, be fruitful for the both of us!


Jarrod Chance

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